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Gerard Butler, Camille Grammer Lose Homes is California Fire

Three devastating fires in California – two in the south and one in the north – forced more than a quarter of a million people who fled the country to evacuate their homes and some of them did not survive fires.

Firemen in the northern part of the state are fighting a fire – known as the Fireplace – which burned 109,000 acres on Sunday morning and was only 25 percent, according to Cal Fire.

In a press release on Saturday, the Butte county sheriff's office confirmed that number of fatalities there was an increase from 9 to 23. More than half of the victims were found in the city of Paradise.

What's more, Fire Woosley, which affects residents in the Ventura and Los Angeles poviats, burned 83.275 acres, and according to Sunday Cali Fire was only 10 percent.

Hill Fire, located just a few kilometers from the place where 12 people were killed during mass shootings, covered 4.531 acres on Sunday and 70 percent.

While some celebrities, including Kourtney Kardashian and Alyssa Milano, were fortunate that flames do not destroy homes, others were not so happy.

On Saturday, pregnant girl Robin Thicke, April Love Geary, told about her Instagram Story that the house where the Malibu couple live was burnt.

"Our house is gone," she wrote next to the painting that showed the gate of their home amidst charred debris.

Thicke previously shared the image of dark clouds of smoke filling the sky near the place where the couple lived, writing: "Our house is on the left! Prayer."

April Love Geary / Instagram

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Former Real housewives from Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer also shared on social media that she lost her home.

"Unfortunately, my home could not be saved," she wrote on Instagram, as well as the image of her home absorbed by the flames.

"Brave firefighters were able to save my cars and personal items recovered from my home." I thanked the fire captain and his team of firemen for all their hard work, "she wrote. "It's sad that we lost our home, but thankful that my family is safe."

"Fortunately, yesterday we evacuated our house quickly after the patrol car pulled up the street announcing mandatory evacuations, I am grateful to my lovely neighbors and friends who kept me informed about their help" – she added. "Thank you all for your concern."

After returning home to Malibu on Sunday, Gerard Butler shared a picture of himself standing next to the charred remnants of his home.

"I returned to my home in Malibu after evacuation, heartbreaking time in all of California, inspired as always by the courage, spirit and dedication of firefighters. Thank you @LAFD," he he wrote. "If you can, support these brave men and women at"

Young and restless alum Tracy Bregman also lost her home, and Real housewives from Beverly Hills " Eileen Davidson pointed out that she had lost her backyard at the house of her family.

Many other celebrities, including Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Will Smith, also had to evacuate their homes. The fate of many homes is still unclear.

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In addition to sharing ways in which their fans can help support fire victims, many celebrities went a step further to take a more practical approach.

On Saturday, Kendra Wilkinson thanked her ex-husband, Hank Baskett, for helping in lighting the fire.

"Children and I are so proud of @ The HankBaskett that they went out and helped us light a fire around Calabasas." He saved many homes without people probably even knowing it was great job Hank! " tweetowałby adding the emoji of clapping hands.

In doing his part, Khloé Kardashian went on a trip to CVS on Saturday to buy supplies for firefighters, while Rob Lowe also shared his sons and nephews who assisted in evacuation and brought food to firefighters.

Countless other stars who were affected by fires also offered their thoughts and prayers to all involved – and shared their gratitude for those who helped in need.

Actress Tori Spelling revealed that Jennie Garth, her good friend and she was Beverly Hills, 90210 Costar took the whole family after they were forced to evacuate.

"Our hearts reach all people who are touched and still touched by #woolseyfire." It is a time of total disaster and despair that humanity is entering in. Incredible to see the outpouring of generosity and kindness that people have shown to other people and animals affected by fires and evacuations ", she wrote, adding that many of her friends" immediately contacted and offered us their homes. "

"And most of all, thank you for my childhood, adulthood, everything in between and all my life to my friend @jenniegarth for giving us our huge family body and shaping the whole house so that they can stay in one moment, I'm not good at asking what I need. only my best friend would know about it, jump in and just make it happen! "- she added. "Let's pray and let's do our part, never stop showing what some people always disrespect, kindness will always win in the long run. I love everybody."

The youngest daughter of President Donald Trump, Tiffany Trump, who grew up in Calabasas, also expressed her sincere condolences.

"My heart goes out to my friends and to all those who have been touched and lost their homes because of these fires, thank all firefighters, first rescuers and volunteers who risk their lives and are constantly working on #Woolseyfire," she wrote on Instagram.

"Growing up, I had to evacuate myself three times from my home in Calabasas – but so far, there is no fire of burnt houses in my community," she added. "Please, pray for the safety and strength of our amazing firefighters on the front line."

High winds, low humidity and dry vegetation fuel fires, according to CNN. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns that "strong sea winds" and low humidity "will be conducive to very favorable conditions" for the further spread of fires.

To help victims of fires in California, visit the website American red cross. Los Angeles Fire Brigade Foundation and California Fire Foundation for more information.

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