Tigress Avni died illegally, the case should be seen as a wild crime, says PETA; launches an investigation


New Delhi: Animal Rights Organization PETA India said on Saturday that the assassination of the tiger should be investigated as a part of a Maharashtra operation and treated as a wild crime and called this "dark day" to the nation.

The Avni tigers are captured by camera traps. Pictures taken by Ankita Virmani

The Avni tigers are captured by camera traps. Pictures taken by Ankita Virmani

According to PETA, in India, the tiger Avni was "illegally killed to satisfy the desire of the hunter for blood," because of the contempt of the court and the apparent violation of the Wildlife Act.

In the past two years, Tigress Avni, responsible for the deaths of 13 people in Maharashtra, was put to death in Maharashtra's Yavatmal quarter on Friday evening as part of an operation, the police said on Saturday.

"Avni was illegally killed, satisfying the hunter's desire for blood, simple and simple, a possible contempt of court and a clear violation of the Wildlife Act and the guidelines of the National Tigers Bureau.

"It may not have died instantly, but slowly because of pain and blood loss, and probably overwhelmed and vulnerable to puppies," said Meet Ashar, Lead-Emergency Response Coordinator, PETA India.

Ashar said "this case must be investigated and treated as a wild crime".

"Whether the state is sanctioned or not, no one can be above the law, it's a dark day for our nation, now we have to be ashamed of our head and again if this murder goes unpunished," Ashar added.

In September this year, the Supreme Court said Avni was shot down, causing online petitions to apologize for the tiger. For more than three months, forestry officers wanted to catch up with the latest technology.

Professional dog dogs, trapping cameras, trojans and sailing gliders, expert detectives, sharp shooters and about 200 ground personnel have been prepared.

The Ministry of Forestry carried out the operation on Friday in Borati with the help of the sharpshooter Asgar Ali.

"The urine of another tiger and American perfume spread in part of the compartment, after which Avni came in, sniffing," one official said.


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