Ventura is happy despite the third defeat with Chievo


Chievo is currently in last place in Serie A. (AFP pic)

VERONA: Chievo coach Gian Piero Ventura was pleased with his team on Sunday, although he admitted that it sounded "crazy", which can be said after the players from Serie A suffered a third straight defeat under his leadership.

Chievo drew 2-0 at home with Sassuolo, and their situation was summed up by the embarrassing goal of Emanuele Giaccherini, who stopped the ball in the grid during the break.

"I have to go beyond the result and I can say that I am happy with the performance," the former Italian coach told the journalists. "I know it might sound a little crazy after three consecutive defeats."

"We played at Sassuolo levels for at least 70 minutes, and they are a team that made significant investments in the summer, I think we've improved."

Ventura took over from Lorenzo D & # 39; Anna, his first coaching job last month, because he was fired by Italy last November after not qualifying for the World Cup.

Chievo lost the last seven games and lost nine goals in their three defeats at Ventura.

At three points deducted for irregularities related to accounting, they have -1 points and are seven at the bottom.

Federico Di Francesco – son of AS Roma coach Eusebio – ran to the ball to place the six Sassuolo three minutes before the break before Giaccherini was ashamed.

A former player of Juventus, Sunderland and Italy tried to fend off the ball to Stefano Sorrentino, not realizing that the goalkeeper was immobilized on the ground and the ball hit the net.


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