Sunday , September 15 2019
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Celia Lora's most revealing necklaces

The Mexican play companion, which already has over four million followers on Instagram itself, is one of the public figures who cause both good and bad comments on photos, videos and messages published on official online accounts.

Alex Lory's daughter learned to use the web to her advantage, which allowed her to earn and run advertising campaigns to contribute to her career.

Celia Lora shared a photo that again surprised her followers and haters, in which she poses during a photo shoot in Los Angeles, California.

Challenge censorship

The actress also tends to question Instagram censorship and release the lowest passions of her followers by sharing a photo with a small amount of clothes.

Rocker daughter Alex Lora usually wears her boldest poses naturally.

For some time, the model has been blocking all kinds of comments on social networks.


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