Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Did you have your "save" to PayPal? You can no longer use it to shop online

If you want to use your PayPal account to "save" without transferring it to your bank accounts, we have some bad news: the platform has eliminated the option of using your "PayPal balance" to make online purchases and they need to transfer their money to Bank accounts

PayPal has informed that the measure is due to its intention to comply with applicable laws and regulations of the country, therefore it will remain as an aggregator, but it will not be possible to save the balance in PayPal and buy it.

"We are making some changes to meet all legal requirements; from September 25, our users will no longer be able to use the PayPal balance to shop online. To use this money, the only option will be to make an automatic transfer to a registered bank account, "dictates the company's official position.

"As a global payment company, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations, which is why we must comply with certain rules set by the organizations with which we are affiliated, such as payment networks and processors," he adds.

The platform indicates that users and companies must verify that their profile information has been updated using the linked bank account with the CLABE account number to continue using the platform to receive payments.

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