Disney presented the preview of the movie "Dumbo"


new version "live action" classic Disney will enter the big screen in 2019. The point is "Dumbo" and the entertainment giant introduced the night of November 14, 2018 first progress video

The clip, which lasts just over two minutes from 20 seconds, has reached a total of 6.8 million reproductions for only 18 hours. "In 2019, find yours courage"there is a text that Disney accompanied publication this video which adds over 22,000 reactions on Facebook.

The in advance the movie allows you to see two new ones figures that will be included in this video. It's about Milly and Joe played by Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins respectively. Together with his father they play Colin Farrell They care for the little elephant Dumbo. "We all are family here, no matter how small we are – says Milly the elephant.

The actor will also take part in the film Danny DeVito ("Matilda"), which animates the owner circus of which Dumbo is a part. They add to it Michael Keaton, Eva Green and Alan Arkin who worked under the leadership Tim Burton.

The circus where Dumbo lives begins economic problems, so the owner decides to sell to mother a small elephant, despite the opposition of their children who decide to join them strength to connect Dumbo with his mother.

But Dumbo will have to endure being an object first teasing in the circus for gigantic ears. That, of course, until they let you save the circus.

The film will be an adaptation of the animated film "Dumbo", which premiered in 1941 "Dumbo, the Flying Elephant" from the writer Helen Aberson The new version of the feature film will hit the big screen on March 29, 2019.

A few hours before presenting the advance of the new version of "Dumbo", Disney distributed the movie poster in social networks. The image has reached over 13,000 reactions on Facebook within 24 hours.


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