He fired again! See the "Chicharito" goal in West Ham


After spending several weeks of inactivity and being unable to participate in the headline, as it should have been, they have forgotten everything today. Javier & Chicharito & # 39; Hernández has shown that he wants to take on West Ham and in a game dominated by his team, he was on the scoreboard and scored a good goal to win the win.

Let's see how the game went. It all started in midfield, where the players took a few steps; they were screened for "Chicharito" who looked like he had lost the ball because he was jammed in the grass,the hero decided to handle and then ran a little, then hit his left foot, 4-2 was the halftime score and I got a great goal to regain confidence.

For this purpose, "Chicharito" breaks off with a great deal of dryness after the break from West Ham, since last April it did not reach the "hammers"; the goal is thanks to Chelsea, who is one of his favorite "clients", but having played low-level games and little activity in the Premier League, has not appreciated today.

West Ham continues mistrust after an uncertain start with 4-2 victory over Burnley, strive to continue climbing positions in their mission to be able to participate in any European competition. This is an extremely difficult task, but those led by Pellegrini do not take the hope of going further.

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The victory leaves the moment West Ham is ranked 13th in the rankings of 11 units, looking forward to what can happen during the day. "Chicharito" is a good day for Mexicans and we'll see what's going on this weekend.


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