Jacob DeGrom and Blake Snell rewarded Cy Young


After the season in which he suffered a lot of losses through narrow margins, Jacob deGrom he finally won a comfortable victory.

ace New York Mets He won by a big difference the prize Cy Young with National Leaguewhich was a reward for merit that was not reflected in triumphs. The right won only 10 duels, the lowest number in the history of the opener, which was awarded the Cy Young award.

"I definitely think that this sport has changed a lot," said the Mets pitcher.

DeGrom significantly outperformed Max Scherzer from Washington Nationals, who was looking for his third Cyra Young in a row and his fourth in total. The Mets pitcher received 29 votes for the first place and 207 points from the Baseball Writers' Union in North America.

In the vote, whose results were published on Wednesday, Scherzer received the remaining votes in first place.

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Inside American League. Blake Snell, with Tampa Bay Rayshe won the cup for the first time Cy Young, after winning the closed vote for Justin Verlander and Corey Kluber, who once won the prize.

Snell, who led the tie with 21 wins, got 17 votes in first place and accumulated 169 points.

Verlander from Houston Astros scored 13 votes in the first place and 154 points, while Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox, was third with 59 points.

Kluber wanted to win the second in a row Cy Young and third in career.

In his first campaign, because the long hair that characterized him was cut off, deGrom withdrew stuffing from beginning to end, although he received little help from his teammates. This showed 1.70 ERA, the most outstanding of the National, because Zack Greinke gathered 1.66 in 2015.

However, the right to 30 years had a record of 10-9. Before deGrom, the smallest winning pitcher who won the prize, was the Mexican Fernando Valenzuela, from 13 in 1981, in the number matching Venezuelan Felix Hernandez in 2010.

DeGrom has allowed three runs or less in 29 consecutive starts to close the season. He chose the record 108 years ago by Leslie "King" Cole, who reached these numbers in 26 beginnings.

However, Mets had a record of 11-8 at these meetings and 14-18 in general when deGrom was on the mound.

"I followed the process to think, 'You have to take the ball every five days and try to keep this team in a situation that allows you to win. You have to control what you can control,' said deGrom.

The Hernandez award changed the paradigm among voters who had previously determined the number of victories. Conducting advanced statistical analysis has enabled deGroma's candidacy. By September there was not much controversy about whether he should get a distinction even though the Mets are wasting their time and again.

Maybe no pitcher in history has such a good performance, which was accompanied by such bad luck. New York averaged 3.5 in deGrom's open games. It was the second worst support, just as much as Cole Hamels obtained, among pitchers that could be considered as these statistics.

Snell led the American League with an average of 1.89 conquered races. The 25-year-old pitcher only decreed 180 rounds and two-thirds, 33 and one-third less than Verlander, but his domination was enough to tip the balance in the vote.

"I think it just takes more into account the quality of work and what you achieve in these rounds," explained Snell. "I think it just is."


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