Tuesday , September 28 2021

Javier Duarte denies the murder of the journalist Regina Martínez

Javier Duarte, former governor Veracruz, refused to be linked to the reporter’s death Regina Martinez, murdered in 2012.

The politician, today detained on various allegations of extorting public money, in the news on his Twitter account stated that he was not linked to the death of a reporter for the weekly magazine “Proceso”.

In previous days, the newspaper “El País” revealed that tomorrow on Sunday it will publish information related to the explanation of death Martínezthat would be linked to investigations into drug trafficking and its connections with politicians.

The aforementioned medium will reveal the investigation of 60 reporters from 20 international media who grouped together in the “El Cartel Project” in order to continue the journalistic investigation, which was not completed by Regina Martinez.

They claim they boycotted the missing persons investigations

According to a Spanish newspaper, the murdered journalist made “explosive findings” months before her murder, related to the disappearance in Veracruz. In addition, reporters questioned several witnesses who said the investigation into the crime had been boycotted.

Considering that, Duarte de Ochoa He “categorically” denied any involvement in the crime and even asked the state attorney to explain the crime and determine the guilty parties. He added that he did not know if any of his administration officials were involved in this crime.

Javier Duarte He assured that he never censored freedom of the press and always respected journalists who were critical of him and him.

“The journalists most critical of my government and me have always been respected in their opinions, to the point where their articles and reports have been and are published without any censorship,” he said.

In 2015, Duarte asked journalists to “behave well”

However, in 2015, over a meal with journalists, photographers and media directors from the northern region Veracruz, then governor Javier Duarte He called on journalists he believed to be in conspiracy with crime to “behave well.”

“I am telling you this on behalf of your family, but also mine, because if something happens to you, you all crucify me. Be good, we all know who’s wrong […] We all know who is related to these groups one way or another, we all know who has links and who is related to the underworld. Be good please! “- he assured.

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