Monday , January 25 2021

Julio César Chávez Jr. knocked out Jeyson Minda without any problems

Julio César Chávez Jr he was finally able to return to victory on Friday night by defeating Ecuador via a technical knockout Jeyson Mind, in the fourth round of the fight, held in light heavyweight (175 pounds) and held in the city Culiacan in Mexico.

For Chavez Jr the purpose was quite clear; “Win or win”, alone there was no other option for the former middleweight champion The World Boxing Council. Mind He came the least favored at night. This made him a dangerous rival as he had nothing to lose and the Mexican’s current boxing moment was not the best.

The beginning of the fight was very positive for the Ecuadorian boxer. This is it Mind he was able to completely dominate the first round of the fight. And it even worked Chavez Jr he began to bleed from his nostrils, which automatically set off an alarm in the city Culiacan and all fans present.

But that was only a minor threat since the second episode Julio Cesar Chavez Jr began to push Mind and introduced the house specialty into the game; body hooks. The power of the fist is still a trademark and was posted on the canvas at Jeyson and put him in trouble. Chavez Jr would repeat the dose and come back to deliver powerful body shots and Mind re-visited the canvas in round 3.

Everything indicated that the fight was over. However, the Ecuadorian survived the third round and entered the fight in the fourth, to be punished once again Chávez Jr.

Chavez Jr knocked down three times Mind, the last in the fourth episode and one more that was counted as a skid. The hand that led to the score was the top right that seemed to slap slightly on the back of Ecuador’s head. Moments later, the horn demanded surrender.

Corner Jeyson Mind threw down the towel and the judge decided to end the sentence Mind and the fight is over.

Chávez seemed annoyed by the decision of the corner Mind stop the fight. He raised his hands as he claimed while the audience also expressed their discomfort.

Total, Mind he went to the canvas once in the second round, twice in the third. And finally, one more time in the fourth episode.

Chavez Jr by TKO in four rounds, he picked up his 52nd win and 34th cup in his career Mind keeps the number of wins at 14, but adds a third defeat in professionalism.

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