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Nintendo financial results for September 30: Switch sold 41.67 million units –


Nintendo published financial results for the last six months of the current financial year, and data was collected by September 30 this year.

The report confirmed this Nintendo Switch has sold 41.67 million units worldwide until the said date, including sales Nintendo Switch Lite. In June this year, the number was 36.87 million units.

The company provided the following message on this topic:

During the six months that ended on September 30, 2019, Nintendo Switch, a new model with extended battery life, launched in August, followed by Nintendo Switch Lite in September, a system dedicated to portable games, more compact and lighter, which makes it easy to use as a laptop. On the software side, Super Mario Maker 2 was introduced in June, which sold 3.93 million units, Fire Emblem: Three Houses in July, which sold 2.29 million units, and The Legend of Zelda: Link & # 39; s Awakening In September, it sold 3.13 million units.

Sales of popular titles published in previous financial years and titles of other software publishers also increased steadily, increasing the total number of titles that sold more millions of copies this year to 11, including titles from other companies. As a result, hardware sales reached 6.93 million units (an increase of 36.7% per year), while software sales reached 58.49 million units (an increase of 38.8% per year).

In the case of Nintendo 3DS, hardware sales amounted to 0.37 million units (a decrease by 62.9% year-on-year), while software sales amounted to 2.60 million units (a decrease by 58.5%) interstate).

Regarding our digital activity in the field of dedicated video game platforms, the steady increase in sales of physical versions of software and software available only in the digital version for the Nintendo Switch console, as well as the Nintendo Switch Online contribution, have helped increase digital sales to 71.6 billion yen in general ( 83.0% increase on an annual basis).

In the mobile industry, we have launched two new gaming applications: Mario World in July and Mario Kart Tour in September. Many consumers still enjoy titles issued in previous tax years, making our revenues from mobile devices related to our intellectual property amount to 19.9 billion yen (an increase of 6.4% on an annual basis).

Total sales reached 443.9 billion yen (including foreign sales 340.8 billion yen or 76.8% of total sales), and operating profit reached 94.2 billion yen as a result of exchange losses of 20.5 billion yen and other factors, ordinary profit reached 85.1 billion yen, and profits per related owners reached 62.0 billion yen.

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