Progress affected by rain in temples destroyed by the earthquake


PUEBLA.- Rain has touched the temples more Last year, despite placing tarpaulins in these places, they registered damage from the earthquake, said Archbishop of Puebla, Víctor Sánchez Espinosa.

According to, in the interview, after celebrating the Sunday Mass, he stressed that the paintings and altars are damaged, as well as the decorations, especially in the Mixteca region, where they have not been intervened.

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"Rain causes more weight on the canvasjust as it damages the interior of temples and domes. The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has given canvas, but wind and air take them away and there is humidity "- he explained.

Víctor Sánchez said that these conditions are present in Izúcar de Matamoros, Atlixco, Chiautla de Tapia and Chietla.

The communities are a bit desperate, due to the fact that the affected temples were not intervened, while in some of the work began, but then were suspended because there were no resources for construction companies, he said.

The Pope resigns from the priest for the "good of the Church"

Pope Francis threw from the priesthood the controversial Chilean priest Fernando Karadima who was the center scandal for sexual abuse, Vatican City on Friday.

"The Holy Father made this unique decision in conscience and for the good of the Church"He said a short statement.

Karadima was removed from his position a few years ago after he was found guilty of abuse of minors, although he managed to avoid it to be prosecuted for justice Chilean

The statement confirms that the Holy Father has done his "ordinary protest, which is the highest, full, immediate and universal in the Church," according to the Code of Canon Law.

The decree signed by the Pope on Thursday, September 27, 2018. Entered into force automatically from that moment and also includes the release of all clerical duties.

Karadima Fariña was notified this Friday. In this way, the Pope reduced the secular state to Karadima, convicted in 2011 by canonical Justice for life in prison and penance for rape and sexual abuse for minors and the consequences of this case.


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