Sunday , August 1 2021

The deputy becomes a Twitter trend to misspell “Querétaro” on the candidate list

Federal deputy Brunette, Beatriz Roblesbecame a trend on Twitter after sharing a page where he posted his candidacy for governorate Queretaro with the wrong unit name.

The legislator, for this country, wrote down in the document its intentions to compete for the position of the governor of “Queretero”.

However, there are other finger errors on the piece of paper marked with his party’s logo.

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The list of documents to be submitted by the applicant states that in addition to submitting, inter alia, CURP, RFC, INE, proof of address of residence, she also had to present the “following” documentation: “birth certificate” and notify of “auntonization”.

Beatriz Robles’ mistakes, such as the ones on the printed party sheet, have made it the top spot in social media trends, in addition to thousands of comments where users repeat these mistakes.

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