Saturday , July 31 2021

The heroine of Grey’s Anatomy and her husband are in an uncomfortable situation: PHOTO

Beautiful heroine of a popular TV series, Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery were spotted at a jewelry store in town Beverly Hillsin a situation that has become somewhat inconvenient for the couple.

While shopping, the star of the multi-year medical drama spent the day shopping with her partner and was unable to escape the press, which made them walk away in an uncomplicated location and they will not continue to enjoy their day.

True style Pompey She kept her simple and casual look: a striped sweater, blue pants and an earth-colored bag – the same style could be used by her show hero, Meredith Gray, because she’s just as simple to dress.

And that he was playing against him this time, because they were both too loose clothes that they felt uncomfortable the moment they were captured by cameras, which made them quickly go to the car.

In recent weeks, the number Catch me if you can he gave the message on his return Patrick Dempsey for a television series, in one of the dreams of her heroine Meredith Gray.

Season 17 is currently airing, and after many years, Pompeo and Dempsey’s heroes, who formed the lead pair in the first installments of the series, met again.

In addition, Ellen’s name echoed in the media after she was awarded at the Peoples Choice Awards as Pompeo was awarded in the Female television character and in his speech he thanked for the unconditional support of all fans of the drama.

Here is a controversial picture:

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