Three dead, including the attacker, and at least four injured at the yoga studio in Tallahassee – Univision 23 Miami


A man opened a fire in a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida's capital, where two people died and at least three other critical states, according to police reports.

City spokesman Alison Faris confirmed to the AP that the suspect had received a fatal shot after the attack. The authorities are present at the scene of the events.

Jamie Van Pelt, another municipal spokesman, said the shooting would be part of a domestic debate.

Police Chief Michael DeLeo Tallahassee in an improvised press conference said Facebok broadcasted that investigations are still in progress. "On Friday, 5:47, the police responded to a shootout with multiple victims," ​​the officer said, "It's a person's act, it's important for people to know that there is no common danger or danger outside the presence "The attacker entered the studio and DeLeo said he was shooting.

Police ask people who witnessed events in a small shopping mall in the city, where there is a hot yoga studio and calls 911 for more details.

The mayor of the city and Andrew Gillun, the democratic candidate of the governor of the state, condemned the facts in his Twitter account and acknowledged the rapid response of the authorities.

"I am very grateful for the rapid reaction of police officers to the Tallahassee yoga facility today.. No armed violence is acceptable. I'm in close contact with the officers and return tonight to Tallahassee. "

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Rick Scott, the current governor of the state, will appear in your Twitter account ensuring that he is aware of the shooting and, if necessary, provided state aid to clarify the facts.

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