Sunday , January 17 2021

WhatsApp: CHRISTMAS is approaching the app with BEAUTIFUL emoji: PHOTO

The Christmas celebrations have begun and December is just around the corner so many of us are no longer getting ready to celebrate it Merry Christmas with our loved ones at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this is not an obstacle to celebration, so in the latest version of the popular digital instant messaging platform WhatsApp will join in the next few days 115 new emoticonsmany of them are about Christmas, which indicates that we are getting closer to these happy dates each day.

It should be mentioned that very important dates for the celebration with our friends and family are approaching, even in virtual mode, so you are going to take advantage of WhatsApp much more than in other years to send congratulations, support messages and above all lots of emojis.

Fortunately, the latest version of this app plans to add more than that 100 new emoticons and it will soon be available according to the Wabetainfo portal.

Among the most famous emojis we can see people wearing Santa hats, a smiling face with fake glasses, a mammoth, wedding dresses, parents holding children, various fruits and vegetables, and some typical dishes of the time.

It’s not known for sure when the new emotes will arrive, but if you want to know which ones will be part of the traditional version, you can download the Beta version that already has them Christmas related emoticons.

In any case, here we will show you what some of them will look like:

Photo: Archive / Wabetainfo

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