Monday , January 18 2021

Who is the owner of the Huawei brand? This is what a successful businessman looks like: PHOTO

Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable brands in the world, like our country Huawei that he achieved thanks to his progress and technology be achieved to the tastes of users, also because of the much more affordable prices than some other brands.

According to the founder of Altice Europe, an international telecommunications company, Patrick Drahi, recognized that the Chinese company Huawei is the best producer of mobile equipment in 5G and they plan to implement it in our country.

Although the company has four main business areas in the country: devices, connectivity, computing, and cloud solutions; in fact, it envisions 5G as an enabling platform digital economy??: It is a space where technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data oh la Artificial intelligence.

There are two areas in which Huawei advocates moving towards 5G in Mexico. One of them is the radio spectrum. In this area, the Chinese company believes that we will see in Mexico 5G implementation at the end of 2021 or 2022; and that this will initially be the case for niches such as for example a port or a logistics campus.

The Mexican path to 5G would initially be based on the 4G network, which mobile phone operators have yet to complete. Spectrum auctions should also be organized on low and medium bands, which requires consideration of considerations that companies will pay financial sense to make your business profitable.

According to the records, the company is fully owned Investments and Huawei holding which has two shareholders: Ren Zhengfei, its founder, and Huawei Investment and Holding Union.

This arrangement, in which the union is used as a tool to record employee stock ownership, has often been a source of confusion, but this need not be the case as unions in China are fundamentally different from those in China. with Europe or America.

Ren Zhengfei It is an individual shareholder, but also participates in the employee stock ownership program. Their share has decreased over the years as they are offered to employees.

Aluminum December 31, 2019 Rhine has a total of 1.04 percent, Typically, after several years of work, employees will receive the rights to buy shares in the company. Now about half 194 thous. Employees they own such shares.

Ren founded Huawei with five other investors who provided initial capital of 21,000 yuan, or approximately $ 4,000 at the time, which is the minimum required to register the company.

The company has consistently invested a large portion of its annual revenue in research and development from the early years when it had many failures and successesso the company was close at times bankruptcy.

At first, the company was despised, but initiative Rhenium helped motivate its employees to work hard through ownership programs that allow seniors to retire 45 years.

At the time, stocks were something new and Huawei was once tested for a stock issue for its employees, eventually authorities said there was no no offense.

The improvised layout worked fine. Tweaked the details but it was essentially nothing but a share ownership registration tool and bonus distributionwhich explains the great success of Huawei.

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