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A strike by Ryanair pilots that maintains flights

Ryanair pilots began a Thursday two-day strike in the UK, but the company said it would not suffer on its flights.

Members of the Balpa British pilots voted for breaks on Thursday and Friday, as well as from September 2-4. Claims include wages, pensions and maternity benefits.

Ryanair emphasized, however, that Thursday did not anticipate any disturbance due to this move. "The first wave of flights to and from the UK departed as planned this morning, with 97% punctuality (due to delays due to air traffic control)," the group said.

Ryanair thanked "all pilots in the UK who decided to work to provide flights and trips for our customers and their families for this extended weekend," because Monday was a holiday in this country.

An inexpensive Irish company tried to block the British justice movement, but the London Supreme Court dismissed the appeal on Wednesday.

Balpa explained that he then offered the company a resumption of discussions on new bases, saying he was ready to lift the call to strike. But executives rejected the offer, and the union laments the "macho" of Ryanair's leaders inflating muscles.

In a statement released on Thursday Wednesday, the union explained that "Ryanair pilots have stopped working, resulting in huge costs for the company."

"Ryanair pilots just want the company to change and offer its employees the social rights of many other airlines," said Brian Strutton, Balpa's general secretary.

However, the court blocked a strike in Ireland, in which Ryanair pilots also planned to stop work on Thursday and Friday. The Supreme Court in Dublin, reported by Ryanair, ruled that this social movement must be "blocked".

During the interrogation, the company argued that the strike could not have been carried out before the mediation process was over, given that Forsa's voice in favor of the strike was accelerated and without a very specific request.

At the same time, Ryanair was confronted from Wednesday and for five days by a cabin crew strike in Portugal, which had only minimal impact on Thursday morning, and the connection with Porto and Milan was postponed. afternoon. The Portuguese government announced the establishment of a minimum level of service during traffic, the first to strike in Ryanair, Portugal.

Another ten-day cabin crew strike is also on the horizon in September in Spain to protest against the planned closure of airport bases.

Ryanair faces these social movements after it announced its intention to reduce 900 jobs from 13,000 employees at the end of July. The group plans to close the bases this winter and summer 2020 due to delays in the delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX, whose fleet is grounded after two accidents.

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