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Audit: What influenced Yverdon's development – Vaud News and regions: Nord Vaudois-Broye

During the consultations, we are talking about "findings that can be identified and taken into account to provide a path for reflection in order to consider further development axes." In good Vaud, we can simply say that this solved beautiful petchi. "24 heures" was finally able to read part of the 2016 audit at the Yverdon Department of Urban Planning and Buildings in Urbat, and the city refused public opinion, the press, elected officials, and even to its officials. Ultimately, the court's decision proved us right (see box).

This document gives a much more accurate picture of the reality of this strategic service of the second city of the canton, responsible for its development, but primarily at the beginning of a number of projects charged or charged with additional costs, which we are still talking about in the place of Pestalozzi,

Millions in Excel

A consultancy firm authorized by the city discovers old-fashioned administration. Very hierarchical, tired of countless sessions, not yet adapted to project management. The War of Delays manages the planning and monitoring of Excel as well as the management of tasks and personnel in Outlook, while the city services are responsible for projects in millions, notes the audit. "Reporting", the internal balance of files, takes place only once every quarter. Points out that the usual tools for large projects (planning, organization chart, risk management plan) are small or unused.

The administrative structure is considered heavy and not very agile. "We had to make a report with the smallest pranks," says a former employee today. Teams don't all have the same methods. Dialogue sometimes goes badly between department heads. The audit also reveals the case of a service provider who would have to change his position: an architect in the private sector risked a conflict of interest.
First of all, building management and management are insufficiently equipped, notes the audit. For example, the Yverdon team has a workforce similar to Nyon's (22 versus 19.75 full-time), while Yverdon manages twice as many leases (488 versus 229) and did not outsource the domain,

Between the lines there is a lack of skills in some sectors, and senior officials caught on delays, details and forced to work in a hurry. "On the other hand, some files were approved in a few seconds," adds another former government official.

Halfway through all this, employee satisfaction is paradoxically high. Only a few managers accumulate overtime. The atmosphere seems pleasant and the challenges attractive. In fact, the audit does not indicate any disaster. Simply organization more than inappropriate and unflattering management.

The role of politics

In 2017, the service was completely reorganized by the city (read on the right) and divided into separate entities. The municipality's election justified the excessive workload and unsurpassed complexity of new projects: future large neighborhoods such as Gare-Lac or Coteau-Est, construction of College des Rives, retraining of Place d & # 39; Armes.

"We had to manage the latest public-private partnerships, unable to rely on other similar experiences," says Gloria Capt, city director. "We have moved from a city managing projects to a city that implements large projects," summarizes confidant Jean-Daniel Carrard.

Here's what comes from the audit. But not that. Experts report "political interference in operational activities," strong pressure from the executive on colleagues, and a lack of a clear long-term global vision that prevents officials from understanding which way to go. The roles combine. "It's difficult to understand who and who sees what project the steering committee has, who is discussing what and when, when only the city finally decides really or almost," says the audit. Difficult to swallow for planners who have completed EPFL. "The involvement of elected officials is normal," says a former official. But from the very beginning there were instructions on the details, we are thrown in. "

What priorities

Another delicate issue: files do not have enough priority, while the city indicates that it has not yet been sorted. It is not enough to nuance the control, which also emphasizes that previous investigations were insufficient to ensure that the planned budget investment plan is maintained, this "to-do list" for five years, which remains a reference document to this day.

In 2016, during the audit, the department was to manage a dozen or so projects classified as a "political priority", such as the reconstruction of the area around the station. In 2019, the priorities for this service are currently around thirty. Urbat remains more than ever a pillar of this term, which Yverdon must change.

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