Erdogan accuses the "highest level" of the Saudi government


[AFP].- On Friday, Turkey accused the "highest-level Saudi government", but not King Salman, to support the murder of a journalist of Jamal Khashoggi one month ago at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, and whose broken body was unblocked.

"We know that the perpetrators of the murder are among the 18 suspects in Saudi Arabia," said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, published in a Washington newspaper in a newspaper in which the Saudi journalist Ryad is a dietitian.

"We also know that these individuals came to execute commands: kill Khashnoo and go. the order to kill Khashogu came from the highest level in the Saudi governmenthe added.

However, President Erdogan assured him not to believe that "for a second King Salman, the guard of the holy mosques ordered the coup." On the other hand, he does not mention Mohammed bin Salman Crown Prince or MBS, the strengths of the kingdom, whose image the international community condemns this assassination.

The editor of Jamal Khashoggi was killed on October 2 in the consulate, where he went on administrative formalities to marry Hatice Cengiz.

The Turkish bride's journalist on Friday urged the international community to launch "real, serious and concrete steps to reveal the truth and bring justice to the judiciary in a multi-media forum."

Israel protects Saudi "stability"

The request was then made to President Donald Trump in memory of a brother in Washington.

"Just a month has passed since we lost Jamal," he said in a pre-recorded message. "Nothing can let you get rid of the pain that follows the atrocity I've been through and the main reason is that your body was still not found," he said. he added.

US diplomacy said Thursday that "Khashoggi's remnants" should be "placed as soon as possible and returned to a proper funeral for his family".

But according to the Turkish President's adviser, the killers "not only split up, get rid of it by dissolving". "According to the latest information, the reason for cutting the body is easier to lift," Yasin Aktay told daily Hürriyet.

The Istanbul Prosecutor's Office said this week that Jamal Khashoggi was "split up" and that the murderers "dumped" his body without determining how. An anonymous Turkish official then told the Washington Post that the authorities were investigating the acid decomposition trail in the consulate or the nearby consular residency.

After initially claiming that Mr Khashoggi left the consulate early and claimed to have died in battle, Ryad eventually caused the authorities to "unlawfully act".

While a number of Turkish officials and media have accused the Crown Prince directly, the Saudi kingdom tries to clarify her.

Washington is pushing Ryadra to abolish this matter, but it seems to cast doubt on the MBS, the Washington ally in the Middle East.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, on Thursday, insisted on the "unacceptable" nature of the murder of a journalist, emphasizing, however, that the United States was "intent" to maintain relations. And he said he was satisfied with the cooperation of the Saudi authorities to illuminate this crime.

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose country shares Saudi Arabia with the envious envy of Iran in Syria, stressed the "stability" of the Saudi kingdom, while killing the "terrible" Jamal Khashoggi.

Amnesty International on Friday urged UN member states to "end the silent silence against Saudi Arabia," urging them to follow the "assassination" of the kingdom after the assassination.

"The shocking death of Jamal Khashoggi has shown how far the Saudi authorities can stand for the suppression of a peaceful opposition, which only became stronger because Mohammed bin Salman was crown prince," he added. Amnesty International's campaign director in the Middle East, Samah Hadid.


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