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Facebook Creator Studio allows you to publish and plan Instagram posts on your computer

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The Facebook Creator Studio now allows you to program (or publish directly) a photo or video on your Instagram channel from your computer. The dream of community managers around the world has come true, as well as average users.

Instagram is a very practical and unifying tool that has been repaired today. Until now, it was not possible (at least officially, because reliable tools do not always exist) to manage content on Instagram and IGTV from a computer, not to mention publication planning. Thanks Facebook Creator Studioit is now possible. And rather simple, except that it is completely free. Clubic guides you.

An easy-to-use tool full of useful information

If this feature is primarily for community managers, you might as well reassure you now: it is not limited to professionals and can really be valuable when you link your Facebook account to your Instagram account, sine qua non condition, and you are not a fan of practice " hashtags type 15 with the keyboard of my smartphone ".

To use Facebook Creator Studio, simply go to this link or directly to Business Manager if you have already used it.

After connecting Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, the rest is very simple. To publish or program a publication, simply go to the Insta Studio part of the developers by clicking the social network icon at the top of the page.

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© Alexandre Boero for Clubic

To publish your photo or video, just click the button "Create publication" and select the option depending on whether you want to post to Instagram or IGTV. If you have a unique Insta account, no problem. If you have several, you are free to choose the one you want to publish.

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After opening the publication window, you are prompted to write a signature, but with a few restrictions: 2200 characters, 30 accounts mentioned and 30 hashtags. Then you can fill in the space and add content by importing it from your computer or by inserting from one of the Facebook pages (which you can also link to the publication if you want)). And that's all!

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© Alexandre Boero for Clubic

We tested this feature in the publication and everything worked. By looking at the content library, it can be concluded that it is complete. You can find all your Instagram posts and sort them to remember only those published or planned or content that you can leave in your draft. It is also possible to select publications at a specific time.

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Also an interesting detail, you can learn the statistics of all published content: photos, videos, stories, IGTV. For example, you can see the number of impressions (impressions) in your publication, which resulted in these impressions, especially the share of accounts that are affected by your content that is not following you on the web. This information, so valuable, will help community managers customize their business.

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© Alexandre Boero for Clubic

Please note that it is currently not possible to publish articles through Creator Studio. But it won't take long …

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