Tuesday , January 26 2021

HIV-AIDS: 500 new infections among children aged 0-14 in 2019 | Gabonreview.com

Gabon recorded 500 new HIV-AIDS infections among children 0-14 years old in 2019, compared with 1,200 new infections in the same year among adults. This situation is explained by several factors, such as the lack of funds to react or counteract irresponsible behavior.

Gabon saw 500 new infections among children aged 0-14 in 2019. © DR

The HIV-AIDS situation in Gabon drowned with the advent of Covid-19, but remains worrying nonetheless. According to the statistics of the National Plan for Combating AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (PNLIST), highlighted in L’Union from 1is In December, 500 new infections were recorded in the age group 0-14 in 2019.

Equally worrying is the situation among adults, where 1,200 new infections were recorded in the same year, including 810 among women, even though the prevalence rate fell from 4.1% in 2006 and 2012 to 3.8% at the end of 2018. In any case, these figures are worrying on the day of World AIDS Day under the slogan “Global Solidarity and Shared Responsibility”.

In Gabon, PNLIST explains that the situation can be attributed to a decline in awareness of preventive and protective measures, media hype, funding and irresponsible behavior. In addition to these difficulties, there is a national control strategy that fights to establish Continuous Monitoring of HIV Care (PLHIV).

Audits are currently underway on this last point to prepare the PLWHA. In fact, out of a population of 53,000 with PLWHA, nearly 44,000 know their serological status, while 38,000 are under treatment. “However, many duplicates and many files sometimes make it difficult to read these statistics correctly”, indicated by the Directorate General for AIDS Prevention (DGPS).

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