– News – Beni: more than 30 prisoners fled to fight Military Militia


The military inspector of Beni-Lubero's North-Kivu provincial garrison has spectacular escape from at least 30 detainees on Saturday, 3 November 2018.

Everything around the balls started around noon around. The attack by one inmate survivor says attackers, small men, speak different languages, have firearms and knives.

"… they were little boys, they asked me to follow them, but I refused, they stormed in front of the door before they fled." When I found out that they were no longer interested, I put out the fire with water, "said the survivor who refused to follow these attackers.

Among the refugees, the North Kivu military operational court, ADF and Mai Mai, and military detainees detained for various crimes were detained. The military spokesman for Operation Sukola 1 confirms the attack and indicates that Mai Mai is leading armed leaders who wanted to release leaders who were detained by security services.

"We are sorry to come to the leadership who was under observation, for us it is a good war, we even witness the national and international opinion that this case will not remain unpunished!" I think that tomorrow we will not say the army is following and neutralize shepherds, butchers, shoemakers, or farmers, all of whom are Mai Mai and need to be neutralized by giving their identity … "said Captain Mack Hazukay, a military spokesman who confirms that they were scattered in the city.

However, on Saturday, some refugees began to return from themselves and were still available to the specialized services for thorough interrogation.

Urban co-ordination of civil society in Beniy denies and denounces this assault that has resulted in the release of detainees, including "criminals" accused of serious facts. His chairman, Kizito Bin Hangi, is worried that they continue to worry about it here and there. He said he was sorry that the guards in jail are not many.

"We are sorry that the detention in the auditorium's cell was not adequate, so the attackers were in total peace and about thirty detainees." We call on the security services to take the necessary measures in prisons and prisons " living forces who stressed that this proves that the city is really insecure when it reaches Beni's center.



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