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Microsoft emphasizes the contribution of digital technologies to financial services in Morocco

On Tuesday, Microsoft organized a meeting in Casablanca on the subject of "Financial and operational management: using digital transformation to improve the company's performance in Morocco."

This event, which is part of a series of meetings with the Harvard Business Review (HBR), is primarily targeted at financial directors to give them an analytical view of the financial sector in Morocco.

During this meeting, the focus was on the role of financial directors and operational directors in decision-making processes.

Speaking on this occasion, Microsoft's CEO from Morocco Hicham, the Iraqi Houssaini said that the advent of the digital age enabled financial professionals to access priceless resources that were previously unavailable, noting that there is no shortage of creating new opportunities with endless possibilities and profound impact on business.

"Access to such resources will affect efficiency and decisions, streamlining and optimizing them, especially in a sector where key information can improve customer service," he said.

For his part, Microsoft Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC) for the Middle East and Africa at Microsoft, Tarik Bouarfa, pointed out that the financial sector, in turn, is subject to rapid and constant changes that often force professionals and institutions to be informed of all decisions made in order to avoid any kind of problems that could affect the maximum return.

He noted that there are tools that can predict the growing complexity of companies, noting that companies need to be aware that as their business becomes more complex, older "classics" tools that were originally designed to solve obsolete processes will no longer be useful to them.

In turn, the financial processes used today may be affected by many errors in their organizational environment, noted Bouarfa, noting that many customers still use manual processes as much as possible. error and process improvement and automation open the door to better decision-making processes.

For his part, the executive director of Harvard Business Review Arabia, Ammar Kadi, emphasized support for business managers from all sectors, while introducing them to best practices, strategies and research. latest.

"We are pleased to be able to work with the Microsoft technology leader, which now offers us several opportunities," he said, welcoming the key issue of the digital transformation in financial services was debating this meeting with an experienced group of industry practitioners.

At this meeting, four key areas of transformation in the financial sector for financial directors were identified, namely financial analysis and reporting, strategy and forecasting, business process automation and risk management.

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