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Raja wins the match, the hearts of Palestinians

Kiosque360. The Mohamed V sports complex had a special evening on the margins of the meeting of Rai Casablanca with the Palestinian Hilal Al-Quds on behalf of the Mohammed VI Cup.

It was an exciting evening that Mohamed V sports complex in Casablanca experienced. If it is true that the evening event was the meeting of Raj Casablanca and Palestine Hilal Al-Quds in the second round of the Arab Club Cup Mohammed VI, the real show was not just the lawn. All eyes turned to the stands, or more specifically to the magana.

Supporters of the green and white club, led by a kapo, presented a beautiful picture of solidarity with Morocco in the Palestinian case, explains the Arabic-language daily Al Ahdath Al Maghribia on delivery on Wednesday, September 25.

This historic evening at the Mohamed V. stadium brought several scenes and intense moments. The most striking moment is undoubtedly the raising of the tifo by Ultras Green Eagles at the beginning of the match. Tifo represented the icon of Palestinian Handal's resistance, the timeless work of Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al Ali.

Once this is not ordinary, the ultra-rajawi have put off their infallible devotion to the heart club for one evening to chant songs for the glory of the opposing team. So that we can hear 50,000 fans singing "Palestine Palestine" or "Gaza, I will never let you down."

The Arabic-language journal also presented a new fact. The Palestinian club keeper was sometimes carried away by fans' songs, until dancing to the beat. And if there was still evidence that the atmosphere in the stands was more important than the result of the meeting, despite the timid victory of rajawis by 1-0, fans continued to feast even after the end of the game. This is beautiful football.

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