Release of Carlos Ghosn in balance with Nissan's management


The holding of Carlos Ghosn as President of Nissan is on Thursday the main topic of the board meeting of the Japanese automotive giant who will vote for a possible cancellation after the arrest for fraud.

In the meantime, Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) plans to "release quickly": according to the company's spokesperson, there will be a council next week.

The all-powerful head of the world's largest Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi car company is in custody in Japan, suspected of halving his salary in the country.

His arrest on Monday resulted in games from the global car industry.

If Nissan's management rejects him on Thursday afternoon (local time), it will be a spectacular decline for this multimillionaire at the age of 64 until he is honored for straightening Nissan and saving Mitsubishi.

On Wednesday, a court in Tokyo decided to extend the detention for 10 days to continue investigations into suspicions of fraud, according to Japanese media reports.

By joining AFP, the court and the prosecutor's office indicated that they do not comment on such decisions in a specific case.

Following the arrest of Mr. Ghosn in Tokyo, Renault created a new temporary directorate, and the French government tried to calm the future of the diamond manufacturer, whose government is 15 years old. %.

The minister of economy, Bruno Le Maire, thus assured the press in Paris that "solid" but "temporary" management was at Renault to enable the group to continue its operations.

After renewed declaration of commitment to the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, Le Maire said he would meet his Japanese counterpart Hiroshige Seko on Thursday afternoon to discuss the relationship and its "extension".

The key question remains "to preserve Renault's interests and ensure the permanence of the Alliance," he noted.

Provisional measures

A Japanese prosecutor accuses Franco-Libano-Brazilian that he "plotted to minimize his compensation five times in the period from June 2011 to June 2015", declaring a total of 4.9 billion yen (around 37 million euros) instead of almost 10 billion yen.

On the French side: "we do not have, at the time when I say, any evidence justifying the charges currently incriminating Mr Carlos Ghosna," Le Mayor said.

The Renault board of directors also asked Nissan to "send all information in its possession as part of the internal investigations of Mr Ghosn."

Believing that you can not decide on the merits of the case, the management of the French producer took measures on Tuesday evening to provide temporary Carlos Ghosn, who now remains its CEO,

The company number two, Thierry Bolloré, received the "provisional" direction of managing the group, and now has "the same powers" as the general manager.

The three main associations of the Renault group reacted on Wednesday to these decisions, the CFE-CGC "approved" the device that CGT "takes into account" while the CFDT said "calmed down."

The study is expanding

The case comes at a time when Carlos Ghosn worked, according to the Financial Times, on the merger of Renault and Nissan, an operation that the Japanese producer rejected and tried to block for fear that it would make the marble status "second" order "in the structure, still according to the British daily.

He raises many questions about the future of the Alliance, because it seemed to be based on Mr. Ghosn's key figure.

But the scandal threatens to overcome mistakes that blame CEOs of all 10.6 million vehicles to challenge Nissan's management.

Earlier in the day, the Japanese press reported that Nissan's current head, Hiroto Saikawa, as well as his former number two, Toshiyuki Suga, also had to be questioned by investigators.

The Nissan Group may also be subject to court proceedings as a legal entity.

According to the press, the prosecutor's office thinks that in the event of an error, the company also bears the responsibility: it actually provided the authorities with inaccurate financial documents in which Mr Ghosn hid a significant part of his income.

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