seven Coptic Christians died on the bus


The gunmen opened fire on a bus holding Coptic Christians on Friday in the Al-Minya province.

On Friday, 2 November, seven faithful Coptic Christians were killed in Egypt when the gunmen opened fire on the bus, where they traveled to Al-Minya, 200 kilometers south of Cairo. the bishop of the province, attached by Agence France-Presse to the phone.

An Egyptian security officer told the attack "Dead and Wounded".

Since May 28, 2019, 28 pilgrimage pilgrims have been killed, including many of their children in Al-Minya, while militants have been killed while traveling by bus. Egypt then responded to the attack by the Islamic State (IS) group against the air strikes against neighboring Libyan jihadist camps.

Abandoning dozens of families

The Egyptian branch of the IS operates in the northern part of the Sinai Peninsula, where it regularly attacks security forces, especially since the army removed Mohammed Morsi Islamist President in 2013. against Christians trying to drive dozens of families in this region early in 2017.

In February 2018, the army launched a major attack on the Sinai jihadists, the so-called "Sinai 2018". The army claims in this operation that more than 450 jihadists died.

Copts is the largest and oldest Christian community in the Middle East, estimated to be about 10 percent of 100 million Egyptians.

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