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The former singer is released after a scandal in her hotel

Former model and the pioneer of the French DNB is going very badly. While everyone thought she had climbed the slope, Ophélie Winter was dismissed from a Parisian luxury hotel where she lived for several days because of several slips that would prevent her from controlling her.

From popularity to uncertainty

Who could predict this destiny? Certainly not fans of the 90s completely hysterical at each of its fragments.

Ophélie Winter, the revelation of the 90s with his single "God gave me faith", No. 1 in the French Top 50 with over 500,000 units sold and a gold record in the following months, is no longer a dream. Indeed, she was a singer MC Solaar and the ubiquitous media icon, which had its talent, plastic and platinum disc, is now harassed by panic attacks that have led to decay.

Already in 2007 warning in Nanterre revealed the links between the artist and drug consumption. It was indexed in a study on cannabis and cocaine trafficking. Eventually Ophélie Winter was released, although she was a consumer of these drugs. How and when his rise between television and music hesitated to know the ups and downs.

Recently, in September last year, a great scandal he exploded, revealing his amazing situation. Media reports that Ophelie Winter has been divorced for two years and is homeless. A completely ruined singer would become homeless, wandering in his car in which she would put the only things left: bags, sunglasses and jewelry.

Worse, Ophélie Winter would be wanted by the former evil, as well as by the police who tried to protect her. A few days after these apparitions, his series of woes is extended. His car is removed by the pound. She is also a victim of an accident during which she drove against, Appearing on television programs to which she is invited, the blonde justifies herself and explains her problems with a fraud, which she would be a poor victim.

For journalists and animators who have already worked with them, there are still doubts. According to their theory, the star would simply be drawn into a spiral of bad dates and drugs.

Tour of his hotel

Ophelia Winter gives no more news. Mixed up with her family, she claims that she is responsible for her problems and says that she can cope alone. At the end former host of Hit Machine on M6, finally agrees to help a very generous friend affected by his situation.

Thanks to this caring person, the 45-year-old former star appears to be on his feet. He agrees to smile and overcome this difficult past by moving to a luxury hotel nearby Champs Elysees, He has a driver / bodyguard at his disposal to calm her down. A former paranoid model, previously convinced that he wants to kill her, and controlled by panic attacks, finds safety. Her days are becoming colorful again between shopping, moments with the hairdresser and care. It regains its proud appearance, spends a lot and lives again. In appearance …

If this hotel is a sign of a new inner peace found for the artist, it becomes a place of agitation for staff and other guests. It turns out that Ophelia Winter, outside the charmingly exposed mine, remains very fragile on a psychological level and that he is still the victim of his old demons.

In another panic attack, the actress reportedly made inconsistent remarks and apparently hallucinations (movable ceiling, people come to kill her etc.). The singer would plunder her hotel room.

The management of the plant who had to call Police To calm her down, she had to order him to free up space in a short time. Summary well done, a few days after the warnings.

Ophélie Winter returns to the streetThe little girl who hummed the "horn song" in a duet with Bob and "Carrot Hair" still worries her fans and friends. In recent news she has posted interesting news on Tweeter, still causing confusion about her condition.

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