Saturday , June 19 2021

The legendary "La Mamounia" palace is for sale

Legendary palace "La Mamounia" was entered on Thursday in the official list of privatized public companies since 2019. This is indicated by the French site "Libération". Since 1922, La Mamounia greets the stars from all over the world in the heart of Marrakech. Mostly owned (62%) by the National Office of Railway (ONCF), the legendary palace is listed on Thursday in the official list of public companies that may be privatized from 2019, thus confirming a rumor that has lasted for some time, indicates the French page. And add that this operation, aimed at rescuing the Kingdom's coffers, the operation, should bring Morocco 10 billion dirhams. However, the text still has to be approved in the Parliament.

Mamounia has hosted many celebrities since the opening: Winston Churchill (who deals in painting), Ronald Reagan, Jacques Chirac, Orson Welles, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Elton John … A famous palace that has about 200 bedrooms and apartments, also used for filming, such as "A man who knew what is too much" by Alfred Hitchcock. La Mamounia was closed in 2006 to carry out major renovations, and her furniture, Art Deco, Spanish-Moorish or French classic, were auctioned. This luxury hotel was re-opened three years later.

Like La Mamounia, the Tahaddart thermal power plant is on the list of privatized companies. The capacity of approximately 384 MW is located near Tangier (north) and is managed by a company owned by 48% of ONEE public group, 32% by the Spanish company Endesa Generación and 20% by Siemens Project Ventures in Germany, said the French service. And to the conclusion that since the launch of the first privatization program in 1993, 77 companies have been sold wholly or partially to the private sector for a total amount of over 103 billion dirhams.

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