Unusual: a bitcoin watch in Hublot


210 copies, not more

07/11/18 at 15:26

"Supporter of avant-garde", Hublot celebrates its 10th anniversary of Bitcoin in cooperation with OS Limited. The result is a luxury watch with many references.

Hublot Bitcoin.jpg© Hublot

The Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin, releasing a special version of Big Bang Meca-10, which wins the P2P suffix (or peer-to-peer), in relation to the decentralized currency. Of course you will only be able to buy this bitcoin watch, knowing that only 210 copies will be made (again, 21 million bitcoins that will be fine put into circulation).

Each of these watches will have a black ceramic sachet with a diameter of 45 mm, on which a unique identification number will be engraved, which will be different from the transaction number used to purchase it. When it comes to the design of the watch, it is a tribute to blockchain, representing "a network of computers on which virtual money worksMatters go even further: this watch, which is at the top, has a reserve of energy that allows it to work for 10 days, which is again a reference … to 10 years of bitcoin. Of course, all other Big Bang Meca-10 have the same autonomy, and marketing exists.

Ricardo Guadalupe (CEO of Hublot, a subsidiary of LVMH) announced the price of this watch "unique"or equivalent of bitcoin in the amount of USD 25,000 If you have funds and you are an absolute fan of watchmaking and crypto-currency, know that pre-orders have been opened in this dedicated site.


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