Sunday , August 1 2021

Westbrook’s surprising explanation behind his new number

Russell Westbrook always wore a “0” on the back of his shirt, whether in Thunder or Rockets. Not in Wizards, where the leader made a little change. Why ? His explanation is correct, though surprising.

After a short season with the Rockets, Russell Westbrook he quickly felt his role was not good in Texas. Therefore, a few weeks ago he asked to go to his leaders, even if it means trying tour de force… It worked. He will indeed be playing for Wizards in the next financial year, and in particular with Bradley Beal.

The leader hopes to have a rebirth there after a difficult year in Houston. Despite his stats being generous (averaging over 27 points), Russ could have fared better and had trouble getting to his feet. He hopes it will be different in the capital.

To this end, he decided to change the number. Surprising when you know this Gilbert Arenas gave him permission the “0” that he has always worn from the beginning of his career in the NBA. Before the media, he explained why he chose 4 instead, which is almost surprising.

Westbrook explained that he could have taken 0 but wanted to go back to 4, his start number. The four were done at OKC and Houston, and this is a performance for whoever’s playing.

There, Westbrook tells about his family. If that’s surprising, it’s because number 0 has always seemed to be his favorite. In fact, these are the four, as he explained in a 2017 interview with Jordan:

“My favorite number has always been four because that is the number of people in my family: my younger brother, my mother and my father. Of course, my family today has more than four members.

My family is always present at important events. Even though my relatives are not physically present, I talk to them before and after each game and know that they are looking at me and thinking about me. No member of my family pushes me more than any other. Everyone pushes me and everyone influences me. “

There you have it, you know why Russell Westbrook chose 4 and why it’s not accidental. Hopefully this character will allow him to be reborn in Wizards.

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