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BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA - NOVEMBER 03: Alabama Crimson Tide Anfernee Jennings # 33 celebrates LSU Tigers Joe Burrow # 9 in the second quarter of the game at Tiger Stadium on November 3, 2018 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Photo by Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

Ho-hum. Alabama did it.

All that stupid, all that deserved the LSU's praise, Crimson Tide entered a huge Death Valley environment and flooded SEC's 29-0 beatdown.

Nick Saban's team prevented the Tigers from reaching the red zone until the fourth quarter and got 576-196.

Bama rose to 9-0 and won the SEC West. Tide won the eighth straight match in the series, on a section containing three stoppagesincluding two straight lines in Baton Rouge.

This was done against the nation's No. 3 team. Are not we bored?

If you're okay, that's understandable. It's like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Golden State Warriors in the NBA. You know what's happening. You know this story is over. Although we will be watching, we will only inevitably expect it.

Alabama is still in the Mississippi State and Auburn between the lower class Citadel to close the regular season. However, Crimson Tide is probably a three-touchdown favorite or better for each matchups.

According to ESPN insider Phil Steele, a matchmaker set the opening line for the SEC-Championship between Alabama and Georgia to -13.5 for Tide. So fighting the series of competitions in the best sports league.

Maybe you're looking for a fast forward button. And it is nonsense to suggest, "No, my friend, calm down and pick up every moment of greatness." If you are at the other side of the fence, it will not change after the other rule.

Yet, this is the peak of excellence in college football.

To love or hate it, it's wonderful to watch.

Saban has constantly raised the bar to a sport that has celebrated a number of dynasties, but has thrown them much faster than Crimson Tide. It was Alabama for more than a decade the the biggest player in the season for every opponent. However, emotional stimulation rarely means anything at the opening whistle.

I do not like? Get well.

This is not a simple task, clearly. LSU coach Ed Orger told reporters after the closing loss, pointing to the need for the Tigersfranklybetter players compete for the Tide.

The only team whose business card is comparable to Alabama is Clemsonor, you know, the LeBron James led by Cleveland Cavaliers. Cavs grabbed one of Golden Stateas Clemson was Bamabut only one.

We should not complain about programs for higher heights than we've ever met. This includes better recruitment, better players' development. But the goal is not simply greatness. No, it's historic excellence.

Thanks largely for the Tua Tagovailoa star controlwho on Saturday tried to transfer his first quarter-quarter season and only dropped oneAlabama speaks the best team in college football history.

Crimson Tide has never enjoyed this level of production because of a crime. Tagovailo, who has achieved 30 games in nine games, receives a single record of nearly 200, a record-breaking campaign.

And the return of the Sabbath to an elite-but-non-perfect defense has solidified this idea in a flaming campaign.

Now imagine how he fought that team.

Of course, even theoretical possibilities may seem limited. Notre Dame or Michigan? I doubt. Ohio State, Oklahoma or West Virginia, do any of you have enough protection? Georgia almost feels like a section. Clemson is the best hope, as he has great talents and past games with Alabama.

If this happens, the underestimator promptly calls one of the biggest confusion in the history of college football.

And the alternative is watching a legendary team.

We understand the occurrence of fatigue in Alabama. But you like it or not, this era of Crimson Tide football leaves a remarkable impression on the sport for a long, long time.

Even if it seems a bit boring.

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