Friday , July 30 2021

Albert Verlinde breathed a sigh of relief after parting with Stage Entertainment | NOW

Although Albert Verlinde retired from Stage Entertainment very emotionally, he breathed a sigh of relief and felt “liberated”. The producer tells about it on Saturday in an interview with Show messages in which he remembers his last day.

Verlinde said the digital drink was an emotional moment. Two films surprised him while he was having a drink. After a movie where different people said sweet words, he said he already had a “ball in his throat.” Plus, there was also a clip of all the stars Verlinde has worked with, plus the Dutch Simply the bestversion for him.

Despite the emotional moments, he still remembered how he felt after his office had been emptied. “The weirdest part was when I walked down the stairs from my office to the parking lot, I felt relieved. A kind of liberation. “

Verlinde has managed Stage Entertainment for over five years. In the future, he will deal with local politics as a councilor for the city of Vught.

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