Wednesday , June 23 2021

Beboete Vettel calls the dishonest course of events in "weighing incidents" NOW

Sebastian Vettel did not want to talk much about the incident with a weight for which he received a fine and a reprimand, but the German clearly showed that he disagrees with the course of events.

The FIA ​​Motorsports Federation chooses random drivers during the Grand Prix weekend, who must report their weight in the pit-box to determine if the car meets the rules.

Vettel received this call on Saturday during the second part of the qualifying session at Interlagos. However, the world's four-time champion was in a hurry because there was rain in the air and he wanted to change the tires in the boxes as soon as possible in order to be able to set up quickly in dry conditions.

Vettel did not follow the normal "weighing procedure", which provides that the driver stops at the pylon and sells the engine. In his hurry, the Germans quickly knocked down the pylon and immediately raised the scales. He shut off the engine for a moment, but then immediately left on his own.

Heppenheimer's behavior was examined after qualifying by stewards and it was determined that the driver had to get a fine of 25,000 euros and a strong reprimand for "non-compliance" and "husk break".

Vettel, who was second to Lewis Hamilton's qualification for the second time, did not get a penalty for the net because "he eventually dropped his motorcycle, although it was not the time he expected to follow."

"I wanted them to shoot"

The second issue from the World Cup was briefly reacted to the "weighing incident" in an interview on the track shortly after qualifying. "I'd better say nothing," Vettel began.

"But I do not think they should send us to the hull if the conditions are so changeable that it's unfair, so yes, I wanted them to shoot them. Under these circumstances, it's difficult to estimate what we have to do."

Vettel did not want to answer any questions about the incident at the press conference. "It's clear what happened," he said. "We were just qualified, so I think we should talk about qualifications."

Max Verstappen, who will start from the fifth place in Brazil on Sunday, understood Vettel's fury. "I understand why he was angry or frustrated, I have never been in such a situation, but I understand that it is not fun," said Dutchman

Ferrari is still fighting for the title of constructors

Vettel no longer has the chance to become World Champion because Hamilton decided two weeks ago in Mexico, fighting the German in his favor.

Ferrari still has a chance to win the title of constructors, although Mercedes is much better. Only if Ferrari in Brazil gets 13 points in the German team, the championship for manufacturers has not yet been resolved.

Vettel may have an advantage in the race, which begins at 18.10 Dutch time, compared to the Hamilton helicopter, because it starts with soft tires, like his teammate, Kimi Räikkönen. The Briton begins the Grand Prix on supersofts, which in theory will last shorter.

Team boss Mercedes, Toto Wolff, chooses Ferrari, choosing tires as a favorite victory at Interlagos. "Ferrari took over the big gamble in qualifying and it paid off," he said "At the beginning they are disadvantaged, but they have a big advantage in the first ten to fifteen laps, and our models indicate Ferrari as the favorite."

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