Formula 1 denies Assen, promised by the Zandvoort competition NOW


Formula One Management (FOM) rejected on Friday evening in the Assen TT that Zandvoort made a concrete proposal for the Formula 1 race in 2020.

Prince Bernhard van Oranje, the owner of the Zandvoort district, introduced the news Thursday night De Telegraaf outdoors. If Vaessen was surprised on Friday morning, the organization's Formula 1 president in Assen.

Vae said he did not respond to FOM but emailed the organization and he just got the answer.

"We contacted London and the FOM says that they are talking to Zandvoort, but for the time being no commitment has been made and there is no decision", says Friday evening. against Dagblad van het Noorden.

"They are not happy with the public, but leaving it, there seems to be a little idea of ​​Zandvoor and De Telegraaf. "

"We get every opportunity"

The FOM officials visited the Assen district last summer, which resulted in a positive report. Go ahead at the beginning of the year with a chance to call 99.99 percent to get to Formula 1 in Drenthe. According to the chairman, the Assen roundabout can make a new visit to FOM.

"We get every chance, there will be a comparison, in which the advantages and disadvantages of each other are against each other," he says. "We must be careful about it, we are convinced of the quality of our products and the quality of our organization, everything is still fully open and that's fine."

Due to the popularity of Verstappen, the return of the Dutch GP has increased considerably in recent years. There was speculation on the street race in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but these plans never became concrete. Last month Rotterdam made a feasibility study.

Between 1952 and 1985, every year – except for four years – a Formula 1 race was held in Zandvoort. After 1985, the organization did not get the budget yet. World Champion Niki Lauda is still the winner of the Dutch soil.


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