Tuesday , January 26 2021

“FvD board can’t just kick Baudet out.” Inland

“The first question is: did Baudet terminate board membership himself? I can’t hear him say that anymore, ”says Olfers, professor at VU. “If he resigned from the board, the council may try to terminate or exclude his membership by a majority vote.”

The board member is “elected by and from among the members,” said Olfers. Baudet cannot therefore be expelled from the party on account of his administrative position if the members do not express their opinion. The council also favors “structured” consultation with members.

In an interview with De Telegraaf, the two other board members say that they not only deregistered Baudet as director, but also took his membership. The question is whether this is legally allowed. Baudet must then challenge the decision in court, board members Lennart van der Linden and Rob Rooken say.

If such a legal procedure does come about, the judge will always double-check that the board has allowed a member (in this case, Baudet) to speak, says Olfers. “The judge always looks closely at the adversarial process.”

It is especially important that a general assembly of members (ALV) is held soon, says Olfers. Certainly, the FvD, which as a party constantly stresses the importance of democracy and participation, would do well in her opinion. “Are you a democratic association or not.”

The lawyer emphasizes that members can also ask for it themselves. For example, a member survey can lead to this if 10 percent of the membership file signs it. “Where are these FvD members?” Olfers wonders.

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