Monday , January 25 2021

John proud: “ He never forgot how they always sang Ola Olé ”

Ola John returns to Grolsch Veste on Friday night. Former FC Twente player does so with RKC Waalwijk who is visiting Enschede. John played 69 games for FC Twente.

John doesn’t care about his return to Enschede. “For me, this is definitely special,” says 28-year-old John Telegraph. FC Twente still feels like my club. It’s just a pity that the fans can’t be there. I had a very good relationship with the fans. I never forgot how they always sang “Ola Olé” to me.

John looks back on his stay in Enschede with a positive attitude. – It’s still the best time for me. I already had many minutes of play under Michel Preud’homme, but Co Adriaanse really gave me a chance. Just like he gave Steven Berghuis a chance.

“I always kept in touch with Steven,” the striker continues. “I am very proud of him and how it has grown. I think he can go a step higher and see him win the Golden Boot this season. He’s doing great. “

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