Paul de Leeuw reveals how much he weighed at the worst


Presenter Peter van der Vorst, Paul de Leeuw, says he always liked good food. "I think I was born that I'm taking too long," says the joker, laughing as he is in the middle of a fish shop to do big shopping.

Paul himself is honest and admits that he has always been a major party. "My father was more stern than my mother. He should only brag about once, I never had to eat like a caterpillar, I always had to eat." And yet it's a big smelter, even if it's a little less in his skin. "In the case of depression, the finger enters the mayonnaise, put it this way."

Although he is now more aware in his life, there were also times when the scale was not so kind to him. In the worst case, the presenter weighed about 118 kilograms. It was during the making of "Filmpje!", His film with the characters Annie and Bob de Rooij.

"Then I was very fat and I had a shot that I wore lobster for my genitals like Bob de Rooij." Because he did not want to appear at the premiere, the button turned. Although it remains a real yo-yo: "The next month was already eight kilos."

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