Pemm (20) in his recording on TV: "My teachers see me naked too"


She was nervous when she was in the studio, without clothes. "I was shy and I noticed that I do not leave my words so easily, everyone is looking at you, but this feeling disappears quickly," says Pemm Huisman. In the first episode of the dating program she went to look for a potential partner. Recognizable and naked. "It was an impulsive action, but I'm glad I did it."

Undress For Love has several predecessors when it comes to dating naked. For example, stars from costumes went to the tropical island in the RTL program Adam Eva. Singles met in underwear and bed in Undressed on TLC. And in the VIVA magazine, readers have been visiting for 25 years. Anonymous, no head in the picture.

"Teachers see me naked"

Journalist Kimberly Palmaccio receives weekly submissions for the section. "Young girls like to do it because they like it for later, older women want to give a message, embrace their bodies."

If the section is not anonymous, fewer readers enroll, Palmaccia expects. "They do not want to be recognized by colleagues or a neighbor." Pemm thought about it too. "Everyone sees me naked, also my teacher, but on the other hand I thought: this is good also for me, I can show that it is not so strange, it's just naked, everyone was naked."

Real bodies

Pemm thinks it's easier to do it naked. Sexologist Eveline Stallaart says: "Actually, I think we're getting less and less naked on social media." That, according to her, is because we are not sure. "Everyone is aware of perfect bodies and thinks: I do not look like that and that's why I prefer to hide them, which is why we are more prudent and we are less topless on the beach."

A TV program or section of magazines, in which you can see not only perfect bodies, can pick up this fear. Stallaart: "This program is against the trend that everything must be perfect, it is a good message that shows that we must see more real bodies, not just those polished images."

"Why should you worry?"

Pemm kept the match with Florian and many positive reactions to her participation in Undressed for Love. "Friends are behind me and I think it's good that I dare to do it." My mother even liked it, I dared not tell my father at first, but he finally said, "you never worried about being naked." Nobody is negative. "

Meanwhile, Pemm and Florian are on a date. It was fun, but it's no longer for Pemma. Undress For Love will appear on Monday evening on RTL 5 or RTL XL and Videoland by RTL.


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