Q fever is not over: Total 95 deaths NOW


Meanwhile, a total of 95 people died of Q fever. The number can be derived from the corrected National Chronic Q-fever database. Two years ago 74 deaths were due to Q fever.

Q-fever, transmitted from a bacterium to humans, broke out in 2007 in the goat's farm of the Herb city of Brabant. The disease spread quickly throughout the country. Most infections occurred between 2007 and 2010.

More than four thousand people were infected with the epidemic. The disease is not transferable from humans to humans.

During the eruptions, many infected people developed a chronic Q-fever, which could later cause problems. The vascular wall and the heart valve are diseased. This can lead to complications such as Heart failure or broken large body area.

In 2016, 65 people died

In 2016 it seemed that 65 people died of chronic Q fever since the outbreak of the disease. In nine acute Q deaths, the total number of deaths was 74, or less than 21.

"Many people think that Q-fever is over when asked in 2010 if, in 2018, I think people are dying of Q fever, my answer is" no. "Chronic Q-heart disease and people they are still dying, "says Radboudumc internist physician, Chantal Bleeker, who participated in the database.

"The government has no influence on Q-fever"

Q-uestion Foundation again makes a "very urgent" appeal to the government to take action. "The news is dramatic and hardly understandable, it again shows that the Q fever has no end, many, including doctors, politicians and administrators, claim it, and it shows that the government has been unable to handle this file since 2005 "he writes the interest group in a press release.

Among other things, the Foundation seeks to filter out risk groups, to independently investigate the past few years and to apologize and compensate thousands of people involved.

The data on patients with chronic Q fever are recorded in the aforementioned database of UMC Utrecht, Radboudumc and Brabant Jeroen Bosch.

In September, the Ministry of Health announced that Dutch citizens who signed a Q – fever contract from January 2007 to December 2011 could claim compensation from 1 October. Up to EUR 15,000 will be paid upon request.

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