The Dutch with long teeth in the direction of retirement Money


More than seven out of ten Dutch would prefer to work less or no longer in the years just before retirement, according to the annuity monitor that appears today. This monitor is a GfK survey among a thousand people, commissioned by Wijzer in Geldzaken, the information office of the Ministry of Finance.

One in five employees would like to continue working after the official retirement.

Half of those who want to work less or no longer after sixty have not prepared themselves financially. The rest often began to save, mortgages (partially) paid off or a combination of both. Investing is also popular with people who want to retire.

The reason why many of the Dutch want to stop earlier, but are not getting ready for it financially, is that our "best pension system in the world" is still too complicated for many employees. Our knowledge about pensions has increased slightly since 2016, says Wijzer on money, but it does not end.

The pension monitor is part of the annual Pension3days. Therefore, dozens of pension experts answer retirement questions from readers this week in the De Telegraaf editorial office.


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