The police raise "lingerie thief" with the lok-bra


In Hengelo, a police officer used a practical bait to track the "underwear thief". The agent had a bra on a tailgate with a remote control, after which the thief could get into the action. More women's underwear was found in the thief's home.

There is no boy boy zone

The agent reported in August of a woman who said the lingerie had disappeared from the clothes. Although it was first assumed that it was a youth region, it changed rapidly when a few days later a bouquet of flowers was on the door without a business card. She was sure she did not want to sleep alone.

Cameras were hanging on the balcony. by RTV East at the end of September. The thief was not recognizable in the picture. Hamhuis found a smart idea to find another solution. "If the police use bait, why not a lok-bh?"

Police are known

The agent suspended the bra with the transmitter and everything on the line. Two days later, the thief hit again, and this time agents can arrest a man.

He is known to the police in many moral cases. In his house the police found more women's underwear. Man is not known to the victim.


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