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three victims from the Westerbork family (update) – Drenthe –

Among the young victims of a major car accident last Saturday in Hooghalen are two men and a boy from a Syrian family from Westerbork.

There were four passengers in the car. Two of them, a 25-year-old man from Smilde and a 20-year-old Syrian man from Westerbork, died. The other two passengers also come from the Syrian family in Westerbork. A 20-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.


According to several sources, it concerns three brothers from Westerbork and a cousin from Smilde. It is said that the middle brother (20) was in an accident. The police do not want to confirm this yet.

Two killed by accident in Hooghalen

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At the accident site in Hooghalen, the victims' friends met on Sunday. Photo: DvhN

A seriously injured 16-year-old is a member of the VKW football club in Westerbork, where he plays with young people under 17 years of age. The banner of the Sunday player played in the home match against GRC Groningen on Sunday afternoon.

A minute of silence has passed before the game, says the president of Sander Vos. The youngest victim would be in very poor condition. It is said that a 20-year-old man is at risk.


The accident happened around midnight at Laaghalerveen in Hooghalen. The driver of the car for unknown reasons lost control of the steering wheel and hit the tree. There was a shocked reaction in Westerbork. A group of young people are at the accident site on Sunday afternoon to put flowers on the tree where the car collided.

The flowers were deposited at the accident site on Sunday. Photo: DvhN

Dear people

They are devastated and it is difficult to understand what happened. There are almost no signs of an accident. The tree is damaged, but you can not see much on the road that reminds us of the drama. Young people are still too shaken to talk, too worried about their sadness.

They say that four Syrians and their families have been living in the village for several years and are well integrated. Young people had close relationships with their peers involved in the accident, but also with their parents. "There are such nice people. So hospitable. The door is always open – says a young man.

A second accident with several fatalities

The accident at Hooghalen is the second in Drenthe during the week, where several fatalities are regretted. On Monday, the collision of two cars at N34 near Borger killed a 50-year-old man from Emmer-Compascuum and his pilot, a 70-year-old man from Emmen. The driver of the second car, a 31-year-old man from Tynaarlo, was seriously injured.

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