Fortnite & # 39; s Summit Striker Starter Pack revealed the expense and release date


The latest Fortnite starter package, after numerous leaks, will be released tomorrow – Tuesday, November 6, 2018. With the amendment v6.22 to the game.

These news have been updated in the New Zealand PlayStation Store, allowing players to buy a starter pack for US $ 7.99, or 4.99 USD / 3.99 GBP.

The Starter Package contains the following items, as described:

  • 600 V-Bucks
  • The Summit Striker Outfit – Only Battle Royale
  • Top Notch Back Bling – Only Battle Royale

V-Bucks is a game currency that can be used in both Battle Royale PvP and the Save the World PvE campaign. In Battle Royale, you can use V-bucks to buy new items such as clothes, emoticons, pickaxes, gliders and much more! In Save the World, you can buy Llama Pinata card packs, which contain schemes of weapon and trap gadgets, as well as new Heroes and more!

The Summit Striker Pack will be available from November 6 locally in the time zone and can be downloaded for 4.99 USD / 3.99 GBP from PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo E-Shop, App Store, Google Play or Epic Games " own store via its PC version.

This package will replace the previous starter pack, which was The Ace Starter Pack. This set contained Ace skin, a money bag and 600 V-Bucks and was the same as the Summit Striker package.

The package was released by December 19 by Fortnite Korea.

We will update you if there is anything else related to the starter packet.


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