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Jetstar flight from regions: Unpacking luggage

Jetstar consults personnel about their intention to withdraw from the regions from December 1 after four years of losing money. What led to this and how did it affect domestic aviation?

New Zealand domestic flights are a difficult matter

This country is dotted with airlines that have released it and failed, and routes that they just don't pay.

In particular, Air New Zealand has resisted Ansetta, Pacific Blue's domestic operations and as a farewell gift to former Kiwi carrier Christopher Luxon, the regional operation of Jetstar.

• Filling the gaps

In 2015, Air NZ was disclosed

This is bad news – for almost everyone

The Qantas-Air NZ transaction returns to the fore

Danger of "flying blind" using codes

"Better information would certainly help competition regulators when a code sharing agreement was proposed a year ago between Air New Zealand and the Qantas Group, which could affect future Jetstar operations in New Zealand," says Ward.

Politics are changing

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