Tuesday , September 28 2021

Kensington Palace workers hated working with Meghan Markle on royal exits

Royal staff said they prefer KateMiddleton to Meghan Markle because of her “snobbish” attitude

The bombing report revealed that Kate Middleton has an advantage over Meghan Markle in terms of the support she has from the people at the palace.

After Megxit, the overwhelming majority of Royal staff said they preferred Kate to Meghan because of her “snobby” demeanor.

According to Thetalkothey found it difficult to work with the Duchess of Sussex.

“In all respects, it seems that the employees and family members at Buckingham Palace prefer Kate Middleton. What’s more, the British seem to prefer the Duchess as well, “said the outlet.

“Needless to say, this doesn’t suit Meghan Markle,” he added, “By all accounts, it’s no secret that women are different.

“Meghan was an actress, likes to do things her own way and doesn’t play the role of royalty all too well.”

Like the prairie Express UK’s Richard Palmer’s Royal Correspondent Meghan has been described as “difficult” and “demanding” by family members and staff.

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