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Welcome to 1 NEWS NOW live stream of today's match between Māori All Blacks and USA Eagles at Soldier Field Stadium in Chicago.

TRY! Isaia Walker-Leawere tries to her second game! The Māori champions go for a number of pick-and-go runs, and Walker-Leawere takes the ball off the track.

Otere Black did not go for a shot but instead fired off the keeper.

TRY! Jonah Lowe blows the right and places Isaia Walker-Leawere back in the field, Isaia runs away and US defenders can not keep up. . Isaiah showed incredible speed to beat American defenders.

The transformation from Otere Black is not good.

And we're back! The US has chosen its long temper on Māori.

TRY! USA is there! US eagles look as though they have lost control of the balance 10 meters from the test run. But Cam Dolan finished eighth and the goal was fired by Ryan Matyas.

The conversion is far from the target of the US Will Hooley.

YELLOW CARD! Paris Pari Parkinson's body hit the United States, Shaun Davies, and the Tasman lock was sent to the tank. Now there are two Māori players in the bin.

YELLOW CARD! Captain Māori sends Ash Dixon to the basket after the referee decides he is responsible for the offensive mockery.

TRY! Ben May is in! Right to Māori. Starting with Māori, he started at an excellent session at Regan Ware and the charge began on the left wing. Māori moves the ball quickly again, Ash Dixon looks as if he could go to the try-line, but the ball is delivered to his first serial partner in May.

Otere Black is on target and the conversion experiment is wide.

TRY! Māori All Blacks will pay the American Eagles after a penalty for a dangerous game. It is a well-crafted line-out for the Māori and they are driving their way to the try-line. Captain Ash Dixon is the man who comes with the ball.

Otere Black sets the target.

TRY! Māshi had a good opportunity to give Mitch Karpik the lead as he charged down the right and struck the ball towards the top corner, but the home team's goalkeeper made the save. After several turns down the left, visitors were widespread, Karpik beat the American defender at the far right and reached the second try of Māori.

Otere Black's kick reaches the supports and is insignificant.

THREE! The Eagles will be back in the results background after Will Hooley's penalty kick.

Some weak discipline goes to NZ Māori, and Ben May was punished for the collapse. In the US there are three back-to-back penalties, and now the home team is shooting.

TRY! Regan Ware shot down the left wing after he made the first try. Rob Thompson hits the post from the left with a goal touching the ball to put Brad Weber off the field. The halfback recognizes the space behind the blindside and gives the ball to Ware, who crosses the goal.

The transformation is widespread by Otere Black.

Knock! Akira Ioane is on a barnstorming run after a line-out set piece move. He runs about 30 meters before moving the ball to Mitch Karpik but throws the ball inside Eagles 22.

Kick-off! And it's in progress! With Otere Black, which goes deep on the US side.

12:00: Maori All Blacks performs another spectacular editing of the Timatanga haka, and the US Eagles accepts the challenge and advances midway.

The two sides played four times four times each other so that New Zealand Maori won every single match with the big margins.

Eight players today with Maori debut Isaia Walker-Leawere, Pari Pari Parkinson, Mitch Karpik, Regan Ware, Jonah Lowe, and Robbie Abel, Hoani Matenga and Billy Harmon on the bench.

Most recently, when the two teams fought against All Blacks Maori, they won 54-7 in 2016 at Toyota Park in Chicago.

Maori All Blacks: 1.Chris Eves, 2.Ash Dixon (c), 3.Be May, 4.Isaia Walker-Leawere, 5.Pari Pari Parkinson, 6.Reed Prinsep, 7.Mitch Karpik, 8.Akira Ioane, 9.Brad Weber , 10.Otere Black, 11.Regan Ware, 12.Teihorangi Walden, 13.Rob Thompson, 14.Jonah Lowe, 15.Shaun Stevenson.

Reserves: 16.Robbie Abel, 17.Ross Wright, 18.Marcel Renata, 19.Hoani Matenga, 20.Billy Harmon, 21.Jonathan Ruru, 22.Josh Ioane, 23.Matty Lansdown.

USA: 1.Chance Wenglewski, 2.Dylan Fawsitt, 3.Paul Mullen, 4.Ben Landry, 5.Nick Civetta, 6.John Quill, 7.Tony Lamborn, 8.Cam Dolan, 9.Shaun Davies, 10.Will Hooley, 11.Ryan Matyas, 12.Gannon Moore, 14.Nate Augspurger (c), 15.Lume Hume.

Reserves: 16.James Hilterbrand, 17.Annony Purpura, 18.Dino Waldren, 19.Greg Peterson, 20.Hanco Germishuys, 21.Psalm Wooching, 22.Ruben de Haas, 23.Will Magie.


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