The Dunedin gaming company helped the American animal rescue center


People from the Dunedin Runaway Play development company fight for animal welfare and help the US rescue and adoption center without killing animals.

Runaway has created a free mobile game called Furistas Cat Café, which has a message about the ethical possession of a pet, and every pet must be loved.

This attracted the attention of North Shore Animal League America, the world's largest no-kill center.

"There is synergy between Animal League America in the real world, and adoption and caring fun at Furistas Cat Cafe. Both sides hope to use this unique partnership to raise the awareness of the ethical importance of having pets," says Runaway Play.

With this in mind, Runaway Play has designed several activations in the game that stimulate awareness of the main news and activities of North Shore Animal League America.

Runaway Play is also devoted to the event in the game during the gala in Manhattan, and donates to the cat care center.

Runaway Play is heavily involved in 'nature-inspired' games, diversity work and a Twitter campaign to encourage young women to play.

This campaign was called #GirlsBehindTheGames, which was supported by Google, Bethesda, Snowman and many more.

Runaway Play began in the Natural History game section in New Zealand. Since then, four mobile games have been created, the title of mobile virtual reality and a company known for games with accessibility facilitation and games designed for a female demographic group.

The company hopes to lead the way again, encouraging more industry companies to support ethical news and search for charitable partnerships so that their games can have a positive impact outside the game world.


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