Tuesday , November 19 2019
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The suspect Wellington serial stalker is still at large

Police investigating a potential serial stalker in Wellington revealed that retesting DNA did not lead to any new leads and they are not closer to arrest than a year ago.

However, the detectives say they have found no evidence that the attacks were associated with one person – although this cannot be ruled out.

Weekend Herald revealed last July that police believe the influx of sexual assault in the capital could be related to the only criminal and officers are investigating links between 12 incidents.

In all cases, women were captured and pulled out of quiet areas or pavements

One victim confirmed that the police had contacted her after the history of the Weekend Herald. Leung heard nothing.

McKee said no further attacks have been reported since 2017. Some areas have been cleaned, and lights and cameras have been added for better security.

"The rape crisis is that when one woman is raped, every woman feels the fear of the current threat," she said. "Inaction is a continuation of the underlying fear that women live every day before sexual assault."


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