280 employees of Jøtul rushed to meet – NRK Østfold – Local news, TV and radio


The meeting starts at 13.45, but no one will inform the NRK about what the meeting will be about.

Jøtul AS has 280 employees in Kråkerøy in Fredrikstad, and according to Fredriksstad Blad everyone is called to meet.

– Today is a press release. I have no comment before the press release will be sent, "said Nils Agnar Brunborg, managing director of the newspaper.

The company has been economically worn for several years. Last year, their turnover was NOK 492 million, and operating profit was 278 million on a downside. The main reason for the deficit was lowering the company's value.

Earlier in 2018 Jøtul was taken over by today's owner, American OpenGate Capital. According to the E24 website, the price was around 360 million crowns.

Jøtul currently has 500 employees around the world. More than half of the work in the production plant and headquarters in Kråkerøy in Fredrikstad.

In addition, the company has seven branches in the United States, France, Great Britain, Spain, Poland, Denmark and Italy.

Saved before bankruptcy by the Gahr family

Jøtul A / S was founded by Herman Anker in 1920. The company then operated as a sales organization for Kværner Ovenstøperi and three other foundries, according to the book "Rich traditions: Jøtul 1853-2003".

In 1927, the company was taken over by grandfather Ap Jonas Gahr Stores Johannes Gahr. He initiated the economic recovery and saved the company from bankruptcy. Later, the name Kværner was also removed.

Under the direction of Gahra, the company has moved from manual ovens to the production of production lines.

In 1977, Jøtul was sold from the Gahr family to the Norcem industry. Since 2006, Jøtul has been owned by the Swedish company Ratos until they have entered into an agreement with OpenGate Capital regarding the sale of shares in the Norwegian stove manufacturer.


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